twitter in your footer?

I’ve been reading and watching the various posts and videos on how twitter is the new email and thinking about how and when to use twitter in the corporate world. We have corporate IM and it’s great for instant one on one communications but it doesn’t give you the same ‘what am I doing’ capability that twitter gives and the article mentions.

Therefore, I’ve been thinking about when is the right time (or is there a right time?) to introduce twitter into your footer. So I was wondering have you introduced twitter into your corporate life yet?

I think it provides an extra dimension to the communication channels that you have with your coworkers and the points Scoble makes are clear and that a new communication revolution is on it’s way, but have you made the leap into it yet?

One thought on “twitter in your footer?

  1. Yep. I integrated the RSS feed of my Twitter account in my intranet profile page.

    That’s good to let my co-worker know about Twitter but I’m a poor evangelist as most of them follow my updates there rather than open an account 🙂

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