Nokia n800 days 5,6,7 and 8

I’ve been a little busy of late, we have some members of the family up to stay with us over the weekend and I’ve been down to Slough and back in a day, (385miles!)

However, I’ve had a chance to spend some more time with the n800 now and I’m still in between camps as to where the device fits. As a casual computing device it’s great, connectivity is easy and web browsing is a breeze and the screen quality is amazing.

Beyond that and I think you need to invest a little more money in a BT keyboard as the typing on screen is slow. I’d really like to try that out, but haven’t got around to either buying one or managing to secure a loan one to try out.

As the device runs’ linux, I have this feeling that the device is restricted to the number of the apps that are out there for it. I doubt there as many apps as there are for palm, s60 or the ms platforms. I don’t know why the device couldn’t run S60, maybe the same OS as the E90 maybe?

I also had the question, why couldn’t the device have a 3G sim card of it’s own? Mobile broadband via 3g and 3.5g for that matter has great coverage than wi-fi. The device may then get subsided and make it more affordable as an added benefit, which would result in much greater take up than a stand alone wireless device

As a result I’ve been checking out what apps are out there to see what functionality can be added to the n800. A quick google shows up the following thread on tablet talk and lists various apps. I’m also keen to see how easy it is to install apps compared with S60 devices.

So I’m going to give a few apps a try and see if that increases the payback the n800 gives to the time invested in it. I still haven’t been able to try out a proper skype call or try out a wireless hotspot, but I should get to that soon.

If you’ve got a great app on your n800 that you think I should try out send me a mail.

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