Nokia N800 day 2

I’m blogging on the n800 right now. I tried connecting to the open wifi network in the office today and it didn’t work, mind you i’d only previoysly been able to get it to work on my laptop and no other device.

there isn’t an wifi in the hotel so this is being down by a bluetooth connection to my n95.

Typing is better than i thought but the predictive text options that appear on the space bar are annoying, so need to fix that.

The device has had very little use today as i’ve been too busy. So day 2 over and I’m still enjoying the device it provides a much better web expierence than my n95 for sure but not as good as my laptop, which i guess the n800 looks to play.

i think that’s enough for today the typing speed gets better with practice for sure, day 3 tomorrow.

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