The Nokia N800 – day 0

The Nokia N800 turned up via the DHL courier yesterday, I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I will do soon. I’ve decided to write a post a day about living and using the N800 as oppossed to a straight forward review. A look into how the device performs day to day.

But before I start Day 1, here’s a few initial impressions.

Nokia boxes never inspire me the same way as Apple boxes do. Whenever you get an Apple product a lot of thought goes into the box as the initial experience of the device and brand. It’s not that the N800 box is bad, it’s the same as all the other Nokia boxes I’ve had, practical and that’s it.

It’s small, the N800 is smaller than I had imagined, it’s not as wide as my PSP for example. This has it’s advantages, it slides just great into my jeans back pocket and really makes it a mobile product.

The screen is crystal clear, I’ve never seen the Nokia touching hands logo in so much detail. The pictures on websites are there in all their glory, no blocky pics on this device, very impressive.

I haven’t checked if it’s running the latest version of the N800 firmware, but I’ve installed Skype so I’m assuming it is, but more on that later.

So day 1 use to follow in a few hours, but first impressions are of a good solid practical product.

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