Nokia N800

I’ve started either adding N800 stories to my linkblog or just starring them via Google reader so I can come back and check them at a later date.

If you missed my earlier post I’m getting a Nokia N800 early next week from the WOM programme.

I’m looking forward to it and I’ve had a few comments letting me know it’s a great device.

I’ve got a PSP which has wireless networking and all my fav sites loaded up but haven’t been that keen to use it as the keyboard is shocking. So, I’m looking forward to using the N800 as it’s keyboard is much more useable.

I’m also thinking of picking up a Nokia bluetooth keyboard and giving the N800 a try as a mobile solution, so I thinking how to get my hands on one, borrow or buy.

The only downside of the Nokia keyboard is that it needs to be used on a flat surface, but surely the mobility outweighs that small issue.

I just checked out how much the N800 costs on expansys, 275ukp that’s a bargain compared with the umpc’s surely?
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