Confessions of a Linkedin Dropout

Jeff Pulver has dropped out of Linkedin an moved wholesale across to Facebook. I’m sure we’re all ready a lot about Facebook right now and how it’s replacing some many different application/tools online.

For me right now, Facebook complements Linkedin. Linkedin is the business/professional contacts and facebook is the more social tool. I’m struggling to see past it as an aggregator right now but it has it’s place and I’m not sure who people can say they prefer contact via facebook than email, unless they’ve gone into email bankruptcy which is possible I guess.

I’m having the dilemma of who to approve as friends. I currently have two requests on Facebook and one on linkedin that I haven’t approved. I’m not sure who they are. The rules I’m using right now are that I have had to have had a conversation (two way or one way) with that person. So I should have either spoken or interacted online in some fashion with that person i.e. had a two way conversation. Or I have a one way conversation in that’s it’s a blogger that I read and have had a conversation of sorts with that person. However I’m thinking of changing that on Facebook to accept all requests and see where that leads. Scoble suggests that ignoring a request to be a friend is know as faceslamming

How are you managing your ‘Friends’?

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