Facebook in the enterprise

Facebook is a site that it’s taken me a while to warm too. I took a look at it a while back and saw it just as another homepage application. As a result I didn’t see any value in investing my (limited these days) time in the site.

Since then Facebook as changed considerably and the addition of applications and the ability to suck into the single site all the feeds and conversations that you’re having has turned what was a geocities of the 21st century into something far more useful.

The social networking world is growing at an alarming rate and keeping up with all of these tools is proving more and more difficult so finding a single place where all these feeds turn up has been a goal for a while. I fear that a clear out of some of these sites maybe on the cards soon, I mean I’ve not tumblr a single thing since I set it up, but I guess there’s no harm in creating it and just leaving it to collect dust, you never know when it might come in handy.

Anyway, back to Facebook and specifically Facebook in the enterprise, just a few days back I did something that surprised me after I did it. I was looking for a contact in lenovo, I knew him but didn’t have his contact details, so rather than calling the other lenovo contact I have and asking him to pass on his details I looked him up on Facebook and there he was. I used facebook to replace my contacts app in my pim.

Over the weekend catching up on blogs I read 3 very interesting blog posts. The first was from Scoble, on how he uses Facebook to learn about his contacts and therefore save himself from asking stupid questions and build a better relationship.

The second and third blog posts were from JP’s blog and is views on Facebook and specifically it’s place in the Enterprise parts 1 and two. Having read JP’s  posts and did what I did to find my lenovo contact I an see the value in Facebook. I’m on Facebook here

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