Social Cameras

I’ve become hooked on Jaiku and taking part in the community online there. As a result I’ve not been reading all of my feeds. I’m not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but taking part in Jaiku is like a conversation than just reading feeds.

Anyway, the feeds or blogs that I have been reading have been Scoble’s (he’s on Jaiku too) and Dave Winers as his blog tends to be smaller posts.  One of his recent posts was social cameras which I think is such a cool idea, the thought of getting home and having all the (public tagged) photo’s that people have taken all around you is an extremely interesting thought. It wouldbe like having not just yoour friends photo’s to look at but a communities photo’s to look at…amazing.

One thought on “Social Cameras

  1. There may be a way to “auto-comment” via Jaiku if you were in proximity… I know that does not exist today, but it seems possible. I’ve yet to see anyone via bluetooth so I’m not even sure how that feature works to begin with.

    Maybe even actually something via Shozu which a lot of people have running. Connected with Cell-ID / GPS you could get notified of pics uploaded to a place you had been by tracing your tracks.

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