ISP inserting own adverts

Texas based ISP Redmoon has implemented software that hijacks pages being visited by their customers by placing Redmoon’s own ads on these pages.

The technology is provided by NebuAD, which boasts that ISP delivered advertisements are an untapped source of revenue.

I guess this may sound worse than it actually is. It depends if the software replaces ads or inserts even more. I guess that’s why I like RSS as it cuts out the chaff.  Sometime the advertising just takes over, take a look at this page, can you spot the article itself, it’s just there in the middle, blink and you’d miss it. [via]

WWD asks is it time to ditch the FAX number?

I don’t know about you but I haven’t used a FAX in years. When I joined IBM I signed up for a eFax account but never used it. It was hard to come to terms with it at the start as my previous employment prior to University was an Architectural practice, where the FAX was king.

Any document that you want to send these days is just pdf’d and then attached and sent soft copy.

More recently IBM’s phone system was updated to allow you to receive Faxes on your landline number and stored, allowing you to redirect them to your nearest fax machine which was pretty neat, but again, didn’t use that either.

So my answer to WWD’s question is yes, dump the FAX number.

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Autoprofiles for S60

I have to admit that Autoprofiles for S60 3rd editions devices looks pretty neat, but I’m having a debate with myself as to whether I really need it.

As you may or may not know I recently converted back to using Nokia devices, even after all the comments I made about the N70 when I first got it.

Prior to my current s60 devices I used an SPV M3100 and prior to that an SPV C600 (which I still use as my work mobile). The C600 comes with automatic as a profile and automatically switches to meeting when your calendar has an entry.

This all sounds great , yet I found that I missed a calls when it had auto flipped to meeting as my calendar said there was a conf call, but the call never happened or finished early.

I also attend a lot of meetings with senior people working in very large organisations and it’s OK to have your mobile go off in these meetings if your waiting for a call. If the meeting is important to you then just turn your phone off. The trick is also not to have a fashionable musically ring tone too, they just irritate people and you look slightly silly.

So for me, a sensible ring tone, set on ascending and a sensible message alert tone works in all environments…save your money. [via]

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Commontime mNotes v5 beta

I got an invite via email to join a 2000 user group testing the new mNotes 5 app from Commontime. Now I have a lot of respect for Commontime and have used their products for the past 3 or 4 years without any real problems. But the new V5 version allows you to receive all your mail and calendar invites over the air.

Now that seems great and blackberry style push email thoughts rush into your head and true mobile access to Lotus Notes is only a click away. Er wrong, the small print in the email states that your computer needs to be permanently on and always connected..hmm.

So basically mNotes v5 is emoze.

Not a great leap forward, I don’t think at this point that I’ll be upgrading to v5 once the beta testing is complete. I don’t need or want instant access to Lotus Notes emails, I just need to have my calendar with me and mNotes is perfect for that task.

So if you can afford to leave your laptop at your desktop whilst you travel and can risk it not crashing whilst you’re out of the country and you don’t fancy emoze then give mNotes v5 a try by all means…I won’t.

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Sync iTunes with any MP3 player..hmm

I have an iPod and only use that for music, probably because of the DRM issues and syncing music onto whatever device I choose to listen to music on isn’t usually a simple task.

But Sync iTunes may be the answer for syncing music to my Nokia, when I get some time I’ll give it a whirl.

I don’t think it’ll ever replace the iPod as that works great in the car on the long journeys. [via]

Opera Mini

Kevin has a review of the new Opera Mini. I used to have the full opera on my N70, still do thinking about it.

You used to be able to get the full blown browser for free if you had a Nokia, but that appears to have changed recently.

So it looks like Opera mini or splashing out 29.99usd for the full browser.

I’ll stick with the default browser for now, the latest firmware for the N73 has improved the stability of it somewhat too, which is great. 

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GotWind’s Orange phone charger

Tray and Matt had this post on the wind powered charger.

Communications company ‘Orange™’ approached gotwind to produce a working prototype of their portable tent mounted wind charger.

The timescale was  just 4 weeks, which coincided with the U.K’s world famous Glastonbury music festival of which Orange™ is a key sponsor.