N95 Firmware flash to remove Orange

I got my post about Orange not branding their Nokia’s totally wrong. On the service the look of the phone can be changed by swapping to another Theme. However under the covers it’s a different story.

I tried to get GPS working whilst in the park and nothing. So it looks as if GPS has been nobbled. Next was the SIP or Internet telephony. I’ve always wanted to give Truephone a go and came very close to pulling the trigger on an N80 just to give Truphone a whirl. On the Orange N95 SIP has been removed, there’s a Truphone youtube video showing what’s missing.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a fan of Shozu, well I installed it and took a pic only to see orange’s pic blogging app fire up. It didn’t take too long to find where the setting was to disable it, but it was a pain.

I tried to see if the NSU would have a newer version of firmware for the N95 but once plugged in the app said no newer firmware available. I guess they wait for Orange to update it and then provide it. So taking matters slightly into my own hands I downloaded the relevant apps to change the product code on my N95 to a Vanilla or Euro Plum to be precise. Then plugged it back into the NSU to be told that version V11.0.026 was available for download.

So about 10 mins later and I had a standard Euro Plum N95 with all modules in operation. I’ll try and write up the process in more detail later, but you can find the basic details here.

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15 thoughts on “N95 Firmware flash to remove Orange

  1. Hi

    I’m really tempted to try unbranding my phome from orange but i have one question. Will my orange pay monthly sim still work on my phone once unbranded? Thanks for any info.

  2. Hi Andy,

    yes of course you can, the phone is still locked to Orange.

    If you’ve got an N95 then it’s worth giving it a try, the link (above) explained what you need to do and it took just a couple of minutes

    good luck!

  3. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for the info. My “I’m going flat” battery indicator has just started so i’ll have to wait until later before i run the update. I hope the update increases the battery life bacause atm i’n only getting a couple of days worth of life out it!

    Again, cheers for the info. I`ll post back on here if all goes well.


  4. Hi Andy,

    there’s one step I’d add in to the process on the web page linked to above.

    it currently reads
    # Check ‘Enable’
    # The phone’s product code is now changed

    I did the following.
    # Check ‘Enable’
    #click ‘write’ on the NSS app
    # The phone’s product code is now changed

    That’s what I did..good luck!

  5. I have read and re-read the instructions and have decided I am not brave enough – besides I have a “managed desktop” at work and a MAC at home. Are there any clever people out there in either the Brighton or Wimbledon area that could perform VoiP restoration magic on my Orange N95 for a rake of pennies?

  6. Lee, I’m on Orange Contract and got an N95 on Saturday. I downloaded the isync plugin from the Nokia site and installed it on my Macbook Pro, changed my N95 product ID, got the software updated via Nokia and everything just works. Don’t be afraid to upgrade, my experience has been great.

  7. I’ve just upgraded to N95 firmware v20.0.015 and really wished I hadn’t. I’d previously changed the product code to Euro 1 plum and updated to V12.0.014, and got all the VOIP and other apps that Orange didn’t want me to have. Now that I’ve upgraded the firmware, they’ve all gone again, but some useless Orange app has appeared. I’m guessing Nokia are now ignoring the product code and looking at the provider on your SIM card, which must be in to do the upgrade. (1) Never buying Nokia again. (2) Never buying Orange again.

  8. hi i wrote the guide that this page is based on. i make the change suggested tomorrow.

    as for dave bruce’s phone. i can’t think what’s happened but the NSU certainly doesn’t look up you sim card.

  9. Dave,

    I’ve upgraded mine to the latest level recently and it worked fine. I think there was a new Orange app in there, but everything else works fine, GPS, SIP etc.

    Nigel (commented above) is going to change his guide to this which is great.

    thanks Nigel!

    Rob (still can’t figure out why is says anonymous)

  10. Have just tried this and whilst I had my initial reservations, I am soooo glad I did it! 🙂

    Thanks very much considering I searched google for the N95 flash player lol and to end up with an Orange-less phone? Fabulous.

  11. @ Dave Bruce – when you backup your phone in Nokia Suite before you flash the new de-branded firmware on, you need to uncheck the “settings” box. If this is checked, it keeps some Orange functionality active and doesn’t provide a true de-branded firmware…

    I had this the first time I tried and it really annoyed me. I looked around on the net, and doing this was the answer.

    Please try it and let me know how you get on…

  12. If you are worried about doing this, don’t be! As simple as the instructions say it is. I had my phone unlocked from Orange. Came home and then had the latest Firmware installed in less than 15 minutes. Great stuff! Recommended. 10/10

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