I managed to pick up an invite to Dopplr via contacts on Jaiku (Thanks again Karen) and have managed to set up a single trip. I’m looking forward to using it in anger so to speak once I’ve got back into traveling for work.

Dopplr announced via their blog that you can now add contacts from other social network sites including gmail, twitter etc which should make populating the tool with the right data a little easier.

I read a comment about Dopplr a while back, can’t recall who wrote it but it suggested that you should be able to go back and add old historic trips to it so that you can see where people have been. I like that idea a lot a single store point for all your trips. At the moment for me I try and geotag the photo’s on my flickr stream map but would prefer somewhere else to store notes, hotel reviews etc, travel tips that others could read.

Dopplr could expand to add that functionality and make traveling a little bit more stress free as you’d be able to catch tips and reviews before you travel automagicaly squirted into your reader.

Will Dopplr add this or have I just written a web2.0 site business plan

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