WWD asks is it time to ditch the FAX number?

I don’t know about you but I haven’t used a FAX in years. When I joined IBM I signed up for a eFax account but never used it. It was hard to come to terms with it at the start as my previous employment prior to University was an Architectural practice, where the FAX was king.

Any document that you want to send these days is just pdf’d and then attached and sent soft copy.

More recently IBM’s phone system was updated to allow you to receive Faxes on your landline number and stored, allowing you to redirect them to your nearest fax machine which was pretty neat, but again, didn’t use that either.

So my answer to WWD’s question is yes, dump the FAX number.

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3 thoughts on “WWD asks is it time to ditch the FAX number?

  1. When people order tens of thousands of pounds worth of services from us, we order tens of thousands of pounds of services from our suppliers. So it’s very important that we have an enforceable contract. Until we have one, we’re not going to order anything, regardless of how much the person we’re negotiating with assures us that the purchase is a done deal.

    Faxes allow us to receive a copy of the contract quicker than we would if we waited around for the physical contract to arrive in the post. That means we can order stuff from suppliers earlier, and the customer can get the services they’ve ordered from us sooner.

    Until DKIM is adopted by everybody, email just doesn’t cut it, in comparison to Fax. Email is easy to forge. Were matters to end up in court, proving delivery of an email is far harder than proving that someone sent you a fax. With email, I have to show that my email server is accurate, and that its records can’t have been tampered with (not even by administrators). With fax, I just need to force you to disclose your itemised phone bill.

  2. Maybe Fax is dead for the mobile worker then?(inability to be tied to a fax machine maybe).

    I’ve always worked on the fact that email is good enough to stand up in court and that’s OK by me, but when it comes to contracts (mulit millions) there’s usualy a paper hard copy. (scanned in at a later date).

  3. Fax is far from dead and the adoption of Internet Fax services is in fact growing at a very rapid pace as companies outsource their fax servers to fax service providers. The fax has years left in it and it will be that way until significant changes occur in the mindsets of users towards digital signatures and documents. Conceptually we have a long way to go.

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