Autoprofiles for S60

I have to admit that Autoprofiles for S60 3rd editions devices looks pretty neat, but I’m having a debate with myself as to whether I really need it.

As you may or may not know I recently converted back to using Nokia devices, even after all the comments I made about the N70 when I first got it.

Prior to my current s60 devices I used an SPV M3100 and prior to that an SPV C600 (which I still use as my work mobile). The C600 comes with automatic as a profile and automatically switches to meeting when your calendar has an entry.

This all sounds great , yet I found that I missed a calls when it had auto flipped to meeting as my calendar said there was a conf call, but the call never happened or finished early.

I also attend a lot of meetings with senior people working in very large organisations and it’s OK to have your mobile go off in these meetings if your waiting for a call. If the meeting is important to you then just turn your phone off. The trick is also not to have a fashionable musically ring tone too, they just irritate people and you look slightly silly.

So for me, a sensible ring tone, set on ascending and a sensible message alert tone works in all environments…save your money. [via]

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One thought on “Autoprofiles for S60

  1. Nice article and interesting thought. I have another opinion regarding the profile schedulers software however. First of all I would like that nobody calls me after 11 PM, as I usually would like to sleep or do any other things, but not talk via mobile πŸ™‚ So it is cool for me that AutoProfiles can just turn my phone to silent mode when I wish not to be disturbed.

    During the business meetings it is of course ok to go out, but it is not ok when you have an irritating phone call sound when your chief is having a word. πŸ™‚ So when the Meeting profile with a decent beep turns on automatically if I have a meeting, it is just a relieve for me, as I am always sure that it is NOT my mobile that is ringing.

    So for me the AutoProfiles application is a very useful one, and I think it has also a nice price as for the Symbian software.

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