Tracy and Matt are at the HTC press conference

We’ll be posting the details of the event as soon as we get back so come and have a look again this afternoon!

It’s great to see bloggers going to events such as this probably paying for it all themselves too, no expenses for these guys.

Anyway, what disappoints me is that they are not going to post about it until they get home. By this do they mean they aren’t going to do any blogging at the event itself? Surely I’m mistaken when that they intend to wait till they get home in front of their PC before posting.

I thought they used smart phones that could provide a platform to work/blog from anywhere?

Scoble mentions very recently how he’s managed to get shozu working so that he can video blog from an event and get the content up almost instantly.

Could this be that Windows based smartphones aren’t actually that good at being the multimedia device that bloggers can use to create content. Most of the videoblogs seem to be created with Nokia devices, Steve’s smartphone show and now Scoble

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