The iPhone isn’t anything new

The iPhone, which blends a mobile phone with the iPod music player

The above quote comes from bloomberg and it doesn’t make me want to rush out and buy one. I have an iPod and I have a phone (several infact). There are lot’s of devices out there that are both phones and music devices and cameras (and GPS) now.

The only way the device will sell big is because of the Apple brand, the same way that the iPod won in terms of MP3 players, many of which are/were better than the iPod.

This is nothing new I’m sure, the iPod just became a must have accessory, a lifestyle choice. Will the iPhone become the must have accessory..I don’t know, I think it might be too complicated for some users and that will put them off.

Only time will tell if the iPhone will be a success, I for one won’t be rushing out to buy one, but maybe if it can copy the success of the walkman branded phones from Sony Ericsson then maybe it will.

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One thought on “The iPhone isn’t anything new

  1. The iPhone could offer something new IF it was offered on an unlimited data tariff with a bundled napster-style subscription service, and a mobile version of the iTunes store. “Any tune, any time, anywhere, for a flat monthly rate” would be is a compelling proposition.

    The mobile connection does away with the need for an iPod-style devices to connect to a computer. Given that computer penetration is far lower than mobile penetration, the iPhone will remove a significant barrier to the adoption of iPod-style devices.

    Add some blue-tooth based playlist copying and very local broadcasting, and speaker functionality and I think you have a device that would be ubiquitious in every playground.

    I don’t expect the iPhone to be that good at the start. But a few generations out, once unlimited data tariffs have become commonplace, I can see it having a great future.

    And don’t forget that mobile handsets are subsidised by the networks. So many young mobile phone users will see the iPhone as being a way to get an iPod for next to nothing.

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