PSP credible web tablet

I just flashed my PSP to the latest firmware, once you flash you never go back, I just can’t help myself from flashing things to the latest level of firmware, must be the techie in me.

A funny story first on the subject of flashing firmwares. I was on an IBM course when I first joined leaning about the IBM 8260 TR/Eth multi-card device. One of the tasks we had to do was flash it to the latest level of firmware. So we all downloaded the very small file of microcode to our thinkpads and proceeded to flash the 8260. One of the guys, who will of course remain nameless, downloaded the file then managed to lose it, so uploaded the next smallest file he could find. Yes shock horror, he uploaded a small screensaver file to it. We all then rebooted our devices and Ian’s (opps) of course stated flashing red in the boot loader. Oh how we laughed for days.

Anyway, my PSP displays all my Google homepages, mail and Reader just fine, I’ll try it with Google calendar later.

So I’m chuffed that I’ve got a web tablet that’s awesome at games for a couple of tenners over a ton. I haven’t explored the music or video capabilities of the device yet either.

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