UK Data Prices Start to Fall – Finally

MobHappy’s Carlo Longino wrote back on the 4th of May that his prediction for 2007 would be Flat Rate data plans would emerge in Europe.

Flat rate data has been around for a while in the UK now and Orange and Vodafone joined T-Mobile with affordable data bundles marketed with the tag of unlimited* (* = 1gb)

Anway, I agree with Carlo any telco worth it’s salt would rather have people paying a constant revenue stream of £50 to £120 a year extra per user as being better than the odd month when the user accidentally surfs a little too much and ends up with a £30 data bill.

Unlimited data is the killer app of 3G.

What else is there to do with 3G..voice and works but not for every single call.

Unlimited data is allowing applications such as Fring (there is it again), Zyb, Goosync, Push email, Shozu and thus Flickr, BlipTV and Youtube to be used without a worry for the data bill at the end of the month.

I’ve got Unlimited data and it’s changed the way I use my phone and I encourage anyone who hasn’t got it to get it now.

Who needs wi-fi when 3G works? Telco’s could then argue the need for Wi-Fi in devices, remove that need for finding and logging onto hotspots…what a pain, I hardly use my Openzone account these days and have considered shutting it down.

Unlimited data means I use my camera more (and want a better camera) as I can use shozu to upload any photo I take to Flickr in the backgound…fantastic!

So for me unlimited data is the Killer app of Mobile computing.

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