PC rebuild

Our home PC is slowing down again so it’s time for a refresh. I bought a 400gb external hard drive to transfer all the photo’s, music and docs to for safe keeping.

The only downside so far is I can’t find the restore disc that came with the PC. So I had three options, 1, bittorrent XP Home, 2, call Microsoft and ask for a back up XP Home disc, 3, Buy Vista.

I called M$ first as I figured it was the safest and potentially cheapest route to restoration. However, M$ couldn’t help as my license code was OEM. My OEM went belly up a few years back so no luck there.

Next, I took a trip down our local PC disaster zone, PC World, (why do they never put the prices on the shelfs?..that’s right ‘cos they are so expensive). Anyway, a basic copy of Vista is a penny short of £100. I couldn’t justify the £100 for software that will make my whole PC experience worse.

That left me only one option, crazy really.

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