SPV M3100 – sold

My recent posts on WM6 and unlimited data plans sparked the largest number of comments for any of my posts.

So I figured I was onto a rich vein of blog posts in this arena so I took the logical next step and sold it.

Don’t get me wrong the device was the most powerful phone I’ve ever owned but, it just sucked too much of my life away. I found my self forever flashing it up and down, installing bootloaders and keeping my fingers crossed that I didn’t brick it.

Each flash then took 30 mins to install all the other apps and get the device back running again. So I had enough, I wasn’t doing anything else. The comments indicated that I wasn’t alone in the search for the perfect OS for it and decided that I was better off reducing the amount of technology in my life.

The device sold in under an hour on eBay, first bidder bought it on buy it now, so I was very happy and obviously I’d produced a product that the market wanted, the M3100 running WM6.

I caved in an checked the forums once since it’s gone and I see that WM6 Black 3.5 is due any day, so I’ve saved another hour of my life.

If you’ve got a SPV M3100, they are a great device, hugely powerful, but set it up to the way you want it to run and when it’s stable, leave it alone. It’s their to aid your productivity not reduce it.

I’ll let you know what I’m using right now in another post.

I should also have some other news this Friday.

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