Orb is now working

I’ve now got Orb2.0 working on my home PC and it means I can gain access to any of the media on it from where ever and from which ever devices.

Streaming media to my phone is just great.

I’ve ordered a TV card for my PC now as Orb can stream TV to your device too. So no more missing out on TV program when I’m stuck in Foreign hotels. It’s all worked out a lot cheaper than Slingbox that I came close to buying.

3 thoughts on “Orb is now working

  1. thanks for the shout-out, rob!

    as a solution for getting your home TV everywhere, sure is a lot cheaper than sling, yeah – and works on lots more platforms too (plus now my PC is my DVR – i got reminded today that the veronica mars series finale is tomorrow so from my work PC i programmed Orb to record the show to my home PC)

    what kind of phone are you Orbing to? ever tried it on your Xbox360, Wii, or PS3 in your living room?

  2. oh no: thank you 😉

    N73’s what 3 ships as its x-series phone, if i remember correctly – only ever managed to get my hands on one while in their offices in maidenhead a couple months back; slick slick device

    i use an N91, myself, except when i need a better-than-cingular data connection on mobile and have to haul out the i730 brick (gorgeous as TV on that badboy is at 800k+)

    happy Orbing!

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