Orange UK now has the N95 for sale

The uk web site of Orange now has the Nokia N95 as an option to buy at £89.99 on pay monthly contracts (£35pm +). They aren’t pulling any punches either, it clearly states standby time 1.0 day.

Standby time of 1.0 day takes me back to the days of my Nokia 2140 which managed 18 hours. My first mobile phone back in 1992 was a BT Pearl, a Motorola without the flip managed a meagre 8 hours.

So we’re going back about 15 years in terms of battery life then ..nice.

And with a talk time 2.0 hours, you’re going to have to plug it in at every opportunity.

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Jaiku (again)

It’s a downer that jaiku is still only S60 compatible. The functionality of the app sounds amazing…I might pull out the N70 blow the dust off and put up with the slow OS just to have a play with it.

Anybody know if there’s going to be a WM5/6 version of Jaiku out there already (I’ll Google it, now…no)? or if Jaiku plan to expand into another OS some time soon?

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SPV M3100 WM6

I flashed my M3100 the other day to a new radio ROM and WM6 Black 2.0. Check out the XDA Dev forums if you want to find out more. Flashing a device is always fun, the risk of having a £200 paper weight allways means that you read the instructions.

As a result of this upgrade the phone is a lot more stable and a lot quicker. The phone used to lock up and then not respond. No such lock ups over the last 3 days or so.

So all in all very happy with the device (again)

The only dilemma now is that if/when Orange decide to release a WM6 ROM for Orange whether to up/down grade to it.

We’ll see…I’m more interested in having a stable device that the latest ROM.

SPV M3100(HERM100)
Black Edition 2.0
Rom: 01/04/07




N95 reviews aren’t too hot.

Nokia’s new do it all phone, the N95, is hitting the shops and the reviews aren’t great. I had heard the battery was poor with only a day of juice in it and Om’s review backs that up.

After my fun(!) with an N70 I’m going to be staying away from Nokia for a while.

Darla is also reporting that the UK carrier are stripping out the VoIP app built in, the SIP protocol support I guess. I’m sure it wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to put the app back.

A lot of wi-fi phones are coming out right now and the carriers are obviously going to either not shout about that or give phones away that cut them out of the revenue stream. Still 95% of people who buy and N95 won’t even notice that an app is missing or care for that matter.

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AT&T want’s $3.5 billion Telecom Italia Stake

This story is building up some steam. AT&T want to buy one-third of the holding company Olimpia, which holds 18% of Telecom Italia.

So if I’m right, that’s 6% of Telecom Italia for $3.5billion, which therefore values Telecom Italia at $58billion.

My view is that Italy is still one of the smaller markets in Europe, but this may be the foot hold in Europe that the American Giant is looking for. what next stakes in other national incumbents?

Aggressive buying is still on the agenda for the SBC guys then and the purchase of Ma Bell obviously only slowed them for a short while.

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Orange and Blyk announce MVNO Deal

This press release dated today announces that Orange is going to be the network under the Blyk mobile service.

Blyk which is a free ad funded service, the first of it’s kind in the UK, have entered into a wholesale agreement. So Blyk buys the time it’s customers use at wholesale rates and pays for it by the revenue it gains from spamming, sorry advertising to it’s ‘young’ users.

I’d have lot’s of questions as to how Blyk will prevent the abuse the people will do to a free service and how the adverts actually work.

It’s also the first time that orange is provider to an MVNO, we know Vodafone provides BT’s service and T-Mobile provides virgins.

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