SPV M3100 WM6

I flashed my M3100 the other day to a new radio ROM and WM6 Black 2.0. Check out the XDA Dev forums if you want to find out more. Flashing a device is always fun, the risk of having a £200 paper weight allways means that you read the instructions.

As a result of this upgrade the phone is a lot more stable and a lot quicker. The phone used to lock up and then not respond. No such lock ups over the last 3 days or so.

So all in all very happy with the device (again)

The only dilemma now is that if/when Orange decide to release a WM6 ROM for Orange whether to up/down grade to it.

We’ll see…I’m more interested in having a stable device that the latest ROM.

SPV M3100(HERM100)
Black Edition 2.0
Rom: 01/04/07




24 thoughts on “SPV M3100 WM6

  1. Hi Rob it’s interesting to get some none fan-boy feedback on this, xda-dev forums are a bit adversarial at times and also tend towards bravado.

    I’ve posted about the why’s and wherefores (and sanity) of unauthorised ROMs on my blog but as an m3100 owner and techie too I have a hankering to try it, it’s just that I have way too many Microsofties and Orange employees around for comfort and it wouldn’t do, unless they extend the option of WM roms through technet of course 🙂

    so in the interests of technical evaluation keep the updates coming.

    I’ve not seen any official pronouncements on WM6 on the Hermes yet.

  2. Hi Alasdair,

    Yes the XDA forums are an interesting place.

    Same here, the techie in me just got took over.

    There is a great guide on how to do it and it’s reasonably straight forward.

    I can extremely close to putting my M3100 up on eBay as it kept locking up. So i figured it was either flash or sell. I like the device so I figured I’d give flashing a go and it’s turned out the right thing to do.

    It’s so much quicker and no more lock ups. So it’s like having a new device. As I mentioned in my post I’m more interested in a device that can be depended upon to perform and the original Orange firmware M3100 just wasn’t.

    There are some little registry updates that you need to do to make it all work as there are a few glitches in the ROM’s but nothing drastic.

    It’s been 5 days now and zero lock ups no missed calls and 100% functionality.

    I’d flash it, it’s your device and if Orange can’t give you a device that works correctly, you should be allowed to tweak it so that it does. It’ll only be a temporary measure until the new Orange ROM’s for WM6 come out, anyway!

    let me know what you decide to do and if you need any links to guides and patches that I used just shout!

  3. cheers Rob – just waiting an official pronouncement from Orange on the authorised ROM, I’m guessing they’ll revert to type and expect you to buy a new device, they’ve not provided a version upgrade yet.

    The problem I have is I use onenote mobile as one of my meeting note takers and I have to use the m3100 in plain view of people who would sulk.

    You can probably imagine the stink that would be raised if unlicensed software was discovered on a Gold Partner’s device 😉

    Interestingly my m3100 is the most stable WM device I’ve had so far. well it is after I hard reset it.

    Does dial up networking over bluetooth work OK on WM6?

  4. what I read from orange was that a WM6 upgrade was going to be made available for m3100 owners. I also read that it was HTC themselves that build the ROM’s for Orange. So we just hope that the ROM is a good one.

    DUN is gone and it’s Interent Sharing now. I’ve not used it as I have a voda 3G card so no need to. I’ll have a play when i get some time see how it works..I’ll also check it with my TOM TOM see how that copes with it too.


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  6. Just an update really…Orange UK released an update for the M3100 yesterday, but it was only the Windows Mobile 5 AKU3 and not the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade.

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  8. Hi Rob,

    I have upgraded to the AKU3 and found a great improvement over the original AKU2.

    HTC are releasing, with their operator partners, the WM6 upgrade from June, so lets hope Orange see sense and release their version at the same time.

  9. Hi Sherlock1971,

    I flashed the new Orange upgrade too, it changed the radio ROM and the bootloader too 😦

    It stayed on for 24 hours, seemed stable, couldn’t spot what the differences were over the old WM5 OS, except the green MS boot screen.

    Have gone back to Black 3.01 WM6.

    But to be honest flashing up and down has taken way too much of my time, so it’s gone back on the shelf until I either sell it or O comes out with WM6.

    WM6 is worth waiting for there’s so much more in there than WM5.

    fingers crossed O so themselves out.

  10. Hi Rob,

    Yeah, apart from the speed increase of the phone, I only found the Bluetooth Stack and a few apps had changed and/or improved.

    I think HTC may be producing the WM6 upgrade with seperate phone manufacturer settings, like they have done with the P3600 upgrades on thier website, but we’ll just have to wait until next month.

    Hope it does happen that way, because Orange UK take forever to bring out patches.

  11. Hi Rob,
    I have an M3100 with the following:
    Operator version:
    Rom version:
    Radio version:

    I am having problems with bluetooth mainly – I have tried 4 different headfsets and all sound crackly or muffled or my voice dialling is imperfect – at times the headset will request for the voice prompt and at other times the phone request.
    I am so fed up – I almost have the guts to upgrade the phone after seeing your success.
    Can you please guide me with complete steps.


  12. Yup, there is a rom floating about – that updates the 3100 to WM6 – and yes, it works a treat and no it does not support DUN and therefore it won’t communicate properly with TomTom910 – and getting ANYTHING out of TomTom I find impossible – great gadget, REALLY poor communications with customers. But as My M3100 was constantly crashing – and I was beginning to think that Microsoft would never get this right, it’s nice to know that in the fact the M3100 can be made into a reliable phone – even if it won’t talk to TomTom

  13. Rob,
    seen some of your posts and just wondered if you managed to “downgrade” to the orange rom with SPL 2.10 Olipro?

    For some reason it did not seem to recognise my bootloader during the release….

    Am fairly happy with black IV bust just wanted to take a look at the orange WM5 version

  14. Hi Paul,

    The bootloader allows you to go down or up with a much lower level of risk.

    I downgraded from one of the Blacks to the WM5 new version from Orange and upgraded within 24 hours ..you’re not missing much.

  15. Thanks Rob,

    i’d be really greatful if you could please provide me a url, because i have already looked for it, but couldnt understand which file to download.


  16. guy’s can some 1 please help me, i bought an spv m3100 and i want to put all the good stuff in it, i dpn’t have the cd rom the normal instalation, can some one please tell me where can i download the full cd rom, and dnt tell me from orange cuz i tried an it tells me to download a newere version, please help!!!

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