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This was nuts, eating in the resturant of the Radisson SAS in Frnakfurt, I asked for the Fillet steak (I didn’t know we were going to a steak house the next night!!) with jacket potato and sour cream dressing.

The potato came in foil as you can see in the picture and the sour cream came poured over the potato wrapped in foil..nuts!

The Frankfurt Steak House

During my stay in Frankfurt we made a trip to ‘the Steak House’. It’s not a place to go if you’re a veggie or if you like well done steaks. I asked for mine to be cooked ‘medium to well done’ only to be told “medium will do”.

Huge steaks, huge portions,the place was packed for a Wednesday evening, lot’s of American accents obviously getting a taste of home.

So, if you’re in Frankfurt and fancy a steak there is no other place.

Links that don’t link

..the availability of easy-to-use and simply elegant web-based IM services such as Meebo. Why is that?

Try the link in the text above taken from GigaOm. It doesn’t go to Meebo like you think it would it goes to more posts about Meebo.

I hate this, it drives me nuts.

Yes have links to your other posts on the subjects and certain blogs do, at the bottom of the page.

But when it’s in the text and you think, hmm Meebo what are they and you click the link and expect to go to the Meebo website but you don’t

That’s wrong, so wrong and must stop.

I think it cheats people into going to other pages within your site and as a result increases your page (adsense) counts..a cynical view maybe, but I can’t think of any other reason why this misleading practice is perpetuated!

Top Talent

IBM in the UK is running a Top Talent program for future leaders for 100 people out of the 3000 in the UK Global Technology Services business. Basically a Talent management program for the top 3% of it’s employees in the UK and I made the list.

There had been Top talent programs in the past but nothing really happened it was just a tick in a box. This new program has a $1m budget, it runs for one year only and we’ve been told to be ambassadors for it, get people interested and wanting to be on the 2008 program.

So I have an advisor who’s assigned to me and three other TT’s, who you are encouraged to talk to as frequently as possible.

It’s all looking very interesting so far and I’m encouraged by the help I’m being given by Andreas my advisor. So if you’re working for IBM in the UK then work as hard as you can and ask your Manager about the 2008 TT program, it’s turning into a hugely beneficially program.

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