Charlie Brooker, what a sucker

The trouble started the afternoon someone from Orange rang me up to say, “Hey, valued customer – do you want a free phone?” At first I wasn’t interested, but he went on and on about how popular and great the Samsung E900 was, then promised me free texts at weekends for life if I said yes. So I gave in.

er..I doubt it was Orange, more likely some Orange dealer who guessed your number or got it from some dodgy other dealer.

I’ve had a few of these calls, some on my work mobile with the same offer. The first question you ask is which Orange department are you from..and they quickly hang up.

It’s all down to the commission O pays for upgrades, it drives this behavior.

So if you’re stupid enough to say yes to some random person on the phone and commit to spend approx 300 quid then more fool you. [via]

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