Orange SPV M3100

I’ve not had the TyTN for 5 weeks and it’s great. It’s a little bigger than you’re average cell phone, but it has so much more functionality. I Josh has just bought one too..It’s a great phone Josh!

One of the key factors was the built in Wi-Fi, but I’ve found that I haven’t used it that much. The 3G speeds and unlimited data have meant that I haven’t bothered firing up the wi-fi when I need to look something up on the web.

I guess that’s changed my expectations of what I was looking for in a mobile and I thought that wi-fi was a key factor when it obviously isn’t, free unlimited data is.

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Orange’s unlimited data package – almost

Having read about 3’s recent unlimited data package and Christian’s new T-Mobile deal, I thought I’d Google “Orange unlimited data”. To my surprise this link came up…Unlimited Orange World Data Bundle £8.

So I called Orange and asked if I could get his deal only to be told the offer was closed and that only an unlimited data deal of free weekends and evenings was available for £5 per month.

Now, I was already on the £4 for 4mb (!!!) package so moving to £5 for unlimited data between 7pm and 7am and all over the weekend is a good deal.

As you can tell from my last post, I spend most of my day not too far from a PC so mail during the day isn’t an issue, so free access off peak is just fine. But I still wish Orange had the offer of Unlimited orange Data open, maybe they’ll re-open it soon.

I think Orange are missing out a trick as loads of the message boards are full of People dumping Orange and moving to T-Mobile and more recently 3.

So Orange to keep up with your competitors you need an unlimited data package and quickly!

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5 weeks into the new job

It’s now been 5 weeks in the new job so I thought I’d expand a little on what the job is and what it entails…

I’m the EMEA Manager of Business Operations for Network Service Delivery (NSD), or as it’s know within IBM a BOM. It’s a step back from the ‘cut and thrust’ of delivery and strategy which makes a difference, but this specific role has the responsibility of portfolio managing all of EMEA Network Service deliveries projects both in terms of non people cost reduction (npCTO) and people cost reduction (pCTO). I won’t tell you exactly what the targets are but it’s in the ten’s of millions.

I report to a guy called Sean Brady, he’s the Director for NSD in EMEA, I don’t know if he reads this, (and don’t tell him if you know), but he’s making a big difference since taking over from our previous Exec. It’s more work and he pushes you outside your comfort zone, which is good and that allows a great deal of learning to happen.

So, although it’s out of the day to day world of delivery to an extent, still get some escalations, it’s still full on driving the projects, working with Sean and the other members of the team and reporting their progress to both the EMEA ITD VP and also to our competency VP in the US.

As with anybody in a new role I’ve had my head down and been full steam at it, hence it taking me 5 weeks to find the breathing space to actually do some blogging, bar the odd tiny post. We’re bringing in a new management system with even more focus on our clients and their needs. We’re also building new communities of Practice within NSD which is exciting, we’re using the web2.0 tools available inside IBM to build communities around certain practices of NSD, Telecom, IP Convergence, Security etc. all interesting stuff, hopefully somebody within the 1400 strong EMEA NSD team is blogging about it somewhere.

I’m still getting the traveling in, already made trips to the glamourous locations of, Warwick, Leeds, London, Dublin and Paris. Frankfurt is next up in two weeks with a few more trips around the UK in between.

To conclude, it’s taking a lot of hours each day to keep on top of things, I’m sure I could do more but I’m still learning the ropes and will continue to learn for a long time yet.

If you want to know any more about NSD or Networking within IBM then drop me an email and I’ll do my best to find an answer for you.

on to the next post…

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