Orange unlimited Data package

woot…I got the unlimited data anytime enabled on my account!

So as soon as my next billing data clicks over, I’ve got 24/7 unlimited data access on Orange for £8 on top of my bill.

It’s capped at 4gb a month, but that’s plenty.

I’ll only use it for push email and if I can get Orb working the odd program whilst I’m away in the UK (not often)

4 calls totaling nearly two hours it tool to find it and persuade the operator to add it to my account, just because O haven’t publicized it very well at all.

T-Mobile CEO: VoIP will have no major impact

Yep and he’s right.

But it will have a very small impact.

For the impact to grow the mobile needs to get smarter. ‘Smart phone’ are only a small part of the huge Mobile phone market, so out of those small number of smart phones, only a small number of people bother with VoIP.

The apps such as truphone are the ones that are going to make the little ripple in the huge voice pond. [via]


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You can trust me, I’m a doctor

Yesterday I traveled to London for a couple of meetings, one of which was with my Top Talent advisor (explain more later). On the train back I read the Independent and one in particular one of the Columnists, Philip Hensher.

Philip had written his column and entitled it “You can trust me, I’m a doctor”. The column has a pop, and rightly so, at ‘Dr’ Gillian McKeith and her dodgy PhD and goes on to ask whether we trust John Reid more because he calls himself Dr John Reid.

Philip goes on to talk about how it took him 6 years to complete his and how he no longer uses it. Now that’s fine and his prerogative, but it’s spurred me on to drop it from my internal mail footer. I had been thinking about it recently and this was the final straw, so it’s gone.

I still have my external email address and it says Dr on a few other places but it’s taken a bit more of a back seat now. So if you spot it missing from my internal mail sig, then now you know why..I don’t want to be like John Reid, a man I really don’t like one iota.

Travel Tax Petition

you can sign the petition against yet another road tax here

I’m not against reducing congestion and saving the environment, but I don’t think this tax is the right way to go about it.

we already pay a tax based upon usage, engine size and driving style do we need another?

end of political rant.