Tom Tom One

I splashed out on another gadget yesterday, slightly behind the crowd on this one as it was the hot Christmas present of 2006, but hey, can’t always be first.

Anyway, I’ve only just regained my calmness as the software supplied with the device is very very poor.

The install app still has the name of the company that provides it on it, the help manual has a ‘ your logo here’ message on it. It all looks like a huge rush job for Christmas.

So if you buy one, don’t install the software of the CD in the box, download it off the Tom Tom web site and install that instead.

If you do you’ll save the hour or so of head scratching I went through trying to make stuff work.

Right I’m off to install the John Cleese voice..

One thought on “Tom Tom One

  1. That’s pretty poor – had no issues with my GO 910, but you could be right about the ONE being rushed out.

    The John Cleese voice is fun, as is Sylvia 😉 but in the case of my 910 these voices mean that I don’t get the street names spoken to me, so I tend to stick with the default ones. Mind you, I’m not sure if the ONE has that functionality in the first place, so you might not notice.

    Lots more about TomTom on my blog, incidentally.

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