Scoble, I’m relegating you from my A-List bloggers.

I’m sorry Robert, but you’ve just become like any other tech blogger out there.

I think you’ve lost the usp that made me want to read your blog. You blog had weight when you were at MS, I don’t think it has the same ‘weight’ now.

When you were at Microsoft it was really cool to see what was going on in the inside. Living the whole naked conversation thing, the real purpose of blogs, having the conversation between people, whether it’s an individual or a group of people.

So good luck with Tech podcast ..I can’t remember the real name (not a good sign), it was nice knowing you and I’m sure you’ll do great, but you’re no longer on my ‘must read’ list. Maybe I’ll come back sometime down the road, but for now…

Thank you, I had a great time and goodbye.

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One thought on “Scoble, I’m relegating you from my A-List bloggers.

  1. Just like any tech blogger, huh? It’s pretty obvious you haven’t been watching any of my show at I’ve had several exclusives you wouldn’t have been able to see anywhere else — and that’s just in the past seven days.

    Oh, and I’m visiting Microsoft twice in the next month to get some exclusive inside looks at things.

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