Orange unlimited Data package

woot…I got the unlimited data anytime enabled on my account!

So as soon as my next billing data clicks over, I’ve got 24/7 unlimited data access on Orange for £8 on top of my bill.

It’s capped at 4gb a month, but that’s plenty.

I’ll only use it for push email and if I can get Orb working the odd program whilst I’m away in the UK (not often)

4 calls totaling nearly two hours it tool to find it and persuade the operator to add it to my account, just because O haven’t publicized it very well at all.

29 thoughts on “Orange unlimited Data package

  1. Well done! I wish I had got the same operator as you! I had upgraded to the SPV M3100 and got a fantastic call package (2900 mins + 200 texts + magic number AND free insurance for £45 a month!) but couldnt get them to give me the unlimited data. I get a lot of artwork emailed to me for approval and forwarding to clients so email during working hours is essential.
    Over 8 hours of calls to technical support to get my orange email up and running, then I found out you cant send email using wifi connection! After 10 years with orange the phone is going back and I am off to get a Vario 2 on t mobile. Unlimited browsing and email for £7.50. Gutted at losing the talk plan and the hassle of changing networks. Gave them one last try and they said if I can give them the number of someone who has got the package recently they could possible add it for me. Want to help?

  2. Hi Rob,
    After another 2 hours of calls, and orange customer services emailing the retentions dept to phone me back I finally got it sorted! I think the retentions guys use the “get me someone who has its number” ploy to put people off, once he came back to me and I told him I had your number he didn’t even need the number.
    So that’s me unlimited data, 2900 minutes per month, free insurance, 200 texts and a magic number for £53 a month. Orange are wonderful again!
    Thanks for your help and all the very best!
    This is a great example of the blog community helping other people! Well done mate and keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Dan,

    I moved to racoon 35, but have two phones on the account so usually monthly bill is around 70ukp.

    Ask for Orange World browsing it was listed as, £6.81 exc VAT, £8.00 inc VAT is what you need to ask for..

    We should start a compain to force Orange to come clean on this package.

    Good luck…

  4. Guys, is this package called ‘Orange World Browsing’ or ‘Orange World Unlimited’ as I’ve seen both mentioned on the ‘net, and the in-store and customer services people don’t seem to have a clue.

    What should I ask for to ensure I’m getting the right thing added???

  5. Graig,

    Give O a call on 150 and then the billing option, 4 I think.

    Orange World Browsing is what is what the O rep told me it was listed as. I think one of the key points is the cost, it’s 6.81 exc VAT or 8 inc VAT, that’s the way to check you have the right package.

    Good luck.

  6. Just spent hours talking to cust serv, they did the usual ‘we need a number of someone who has it’. They insist it was removed last July, but I don’t believe them, can anyone give me a phone number that has it on.



  7. Hey,

    Did you ever get Orange to add that bundle Rich? I have also been trying but was told that the bundle was removed from the systems about 3 weeks ago.


  8. This page is the most information I’ve found so far regarding this package. I first read about it on the timesonline link above and have since called Orange three times to get it added but as yet with no joy.

    First one told me maybe it’s not out yet, but they would text me when it was. Second one tried to get me to buy the evening and weekend bundle, which I know I’m not able to get as I already have OrangeWorld Access 10. The last guy after 30 minutes of him looking told me it was infact not £8 per month but £80! for unlimited data.

    The only other information I’ve read is someone taking about it as a new bundle being made available from June onwards.

    Can anyone else shed some light on this?

  9. Gordon,

    It’s available now if you fulfill two criteria.

    1. you monthly tariff is £35 or more.
    2. Your lucky enough to find an O rep that has good product knowledge.

    It’s out there, Ask for Orange World browsing it was listed as, £6.81 exc VAT, £8.00 inc VAT.

    I have a feeling that unless your tariff is £35+ the O rep can’t see it as an option for your account.

    Happy to give you my number and let them look up my account.

  10. Hi Rob, Thanks for your reply.

    My tariff is around £48 a month inc insurance and orange world 10.

    My last call to Orange I didn’t know the title for this package so I’ll give them a call now as my billing date is coming up in a few days time.

    If I don’t get anywhere I may take you up on that offer!

  11. Just gave Orange a call and to be fair the guy was pretty helpfull. What he said was he knows there’s an £8 per month bundle coming out in early June which offers this. I had him look under both data bundles and promotions (at which point he asked me if I worked for Orange! as I seemed to know their system rather well)

    I mentioned I knew of someone who already has it on their account which he put down to them being offered a random trial of it prelaunch.

    I’m in two minds now, whether to push or just wait a couple of weeks now.

  12. June 1st was meant to be launch day for the unlimited data tarrifs, but when I phoned I was told that they had been delayed indefinitely due to “unforseen circumstances”.

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  15. Hi everyone,

    Are Orange still doing this offer? I have rung up a few times but no luck as of yet. I’m wondering if theres anything else I can do? I havent as of yet had an Orange representative ask me to give the number of someone with this package.

    I am currently paying £8 for 30mb which is hardly worth it! I am on Dolphin paying £35.

  16. I’ve just been speaking to orange about this.

    in actually fact the 8mb/month offically gives you unlimited OW access plus 30mb for any other websites.

    however, since I was orginally on unlimited OW access over evenings and weekends for £5/month but have been going on lots of websites and never been charged over the weekends/evenings. I asked the chap if they really monitor OW access and general internet access from each phone.

    After a long chat I’m pretty convinced that paying £8/month really gives you unlimited web access FULL STOP.

    I’ve just changed my plan.

  17. I’ve just done the same Nick, I was on £5 a month evening and weekends but wanted to use it during the day. I rang through to a call centre and went for the £8 a month which gives 30mb. I’m not so sure it’s unlimited though. I did try a contract with t-mobile which for £7.50 gives you unlimited any time which was fantastic, unfortunately I still have ages on my Orange contract and can’t justify having both so I cancelled it within the 14 days.

    I’m a bit sceptical about running up a huge data cost as when 3g first launched on Orange you were given 3 months unlimited data usage which I took full advantage of, ended up with a bill for £985!!! Which was sorted out but still, data can rack up! Have you knowingly gone over the 30mb transfer and seen a bill yet?

  18. I rang up to change my bundle to the £8/month contract since I’d tried changing it online twice but it didn’t work (apparentely orange know about the issue).

    It’s a bit annoying that the Orange reps don’t know their own products!

    The bloke I spoke to agreed that the £8 contract gives you unlimited OW access 247 plus 30mb.

    I said well I don’t go on OW I go on normal websites. He said that no allowance for that is given on the £5 contract and 30mb is given on the £8 contract.

    Well I’ve never been billed for access over evening and weekends (I have been billed for usage outside of those times).

    He couldn’t answer me as to why that was (he didn’t speak very good english so was difficult to talk to him to be honest). He said something about it being difficult to track OW versus general web access. Said I could try the £8 contract and I might not get billed for any usage but I’m not very happy with that.

    I am going to phone back and try to get someone else.


  19. hmm..what’s happened to the £8 a month unlimited access then?

    my usual usage is around 100mb, no where near the unlimited cap of 1gb.

    Has the offer gone completly now then

    I’ve no idea why I’m anonymous and I haven’t the time to figure out why and fix it

  20. Found the T&Cs for Oranges 30MB bundle. It just says that it is for 30MB of use.
    Orange World Monthly Access for pay monthlyThe Offer is an Orange World Monthly Access bundle (’the Offer’) which is available to new and existing Orange Pay Monthly customers from 28 may to 31 December 2007.
    The Offer provides 30 MB data browsing for £8 per month. Any usage beyond this limit during the month will be charged at your standard service plan rates. The offer is not to be used for other activities such, non-Orange internet based streaming services, voice or video over the internet, instant messaging, peer to peer file sharing, non-Orange internet based video. Should you exceed this limit or if such use is detected, notice may be given and Network protection controls may be applied to all services which Orange does not believe constitutes mobile browsing. This may result in, at Orange’s discretion, your inability to purchase the Offer, a reduced speed of transmission, suspension of data browsing services and/or suspension of your account.
    Any unused part of the bundle will not rollover to next month.
    The Offer is for use within the UK only. Any use outside of the UK will be charged at the relevant international rates.
    The Offer does not include event charges such as for ringtones or games (transport costs for these events are included).
    Usage within the Offer will not contribute to any rewards or other promotions offered by Orange from time to time.
    Orange reserves the right to amend or vary these terms or to withdraw the Offer at any time on reasonable notice.
    Downloading or applying for the Offer may result in the suspension or deletion of any previous data bundle (or data tariff) on your Device.
    Your application to use the Offer will be subject to Orange approval and compatibility with your current talkplan. You will be notified by text message once the Offer has been applied to your account. Until receipt of such confirmation sms your standard service plan rates shall apply.
    The Offer is also subject to the applicable Standard Network Terms which should be viewed at In the event if inconsistency between these terms and the Standard Network Terms the Standard Network Terms shall apply.

    The old Orange world unlimited package was withdrawn around May of this year. Just a point my data account allways says that I have 1000MB of anytime data GPRS use. It does not matter how much I use it it allways says I have 1000MB left. Has any one else who has the bundle found this ?

  21. God only knows.

    Orange customer services are hopeless. They have no idea about their GPRS access.

    I’ll be moving over to T-mobile when my contract is up for renewal if nothing changes. I am so annoyed.

    I think I’ll get unlimited access if I pay £8/month but I don’t know whether to chance it.


  22. Hi Tim… yeah I realise that but that’s £20/month.

    Hi Old Bil… I am keeping my fingers crossed. Orange must realise by now how annoyed their customers are getting.

  23. Just a quick helpful bit of advice (potentially) – go to the orange website – download the PDF file – go to page 19 – mobile data packs. (at the moment) They advertise 250MB for £8 per month.
    It took 3 calls to orange to eventually get this, the first few times it was a simply not available on my account, only for business accounts etc. but when I eventually got it, it was over the weekend, the lines were very busy and I was put through to someone in the billing department who just wanted me off the phone. Not quite 1000mb but much better than 30mb! The package is £6.38 + Vat if this helps.

  24. Good effort my name sake!

    I called Orange and the cap was about to add it before he realised it was only for business accounts. So I asked politely and he spoke to the data team who simply by-passed the restriction. I’d say that is worth a few calls and a polite word here and there. It was all set up and working a fews minutes later 🙂



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