Orange’s unlimited data package – almost

Having read about 3’s recent unlimited data package and Christian’s new T-Mobile deal, I thought I’d Google “Orange unlimited data”. To my surprise this link came up…Unlimited Orange World Data Bundle £8.

So I called Orange and asked if I could get his deal only to be told the offer was closed and that only an unlimited data deal of free weekends and evenings was available for £5 per month.

Now, I was already on the £4 for 4mb (!!!) package so moving to £5 for unlimited data between 7pm and 7am and all over the weekend is a good deal.

As you can tell from my last post, I spend most of my day not too far from a PC so mail during the day isn’t an issue, so free access off peak is just fine. But I still wish Orange had the offer of Unlimited orange Data open, maybe they’ll re-open it soon.

I think Orange are missing out a trick as loads of the message boards are full of People dumping Orange and moving to T-Mobile and more recently 3.

So Orange to keep up with your competitors you need an unlimited data package and quickly!

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