The end of N70

..well you might of guessed from the previous post I have (yet) another new phone. This spells the end of the Nokia N70. I stuck with it for about 5 months (too long) and it’s going on eBay as soon as I find the box. I just never got comfy with it, it was just too large, too slow and it’s buttons too small. The interface S60 yes it’s robust has plenty of free apps for it, but just looks awfull. So it had to go. It was obviously a successful product for Nokia, as the N70 was the number 1 camera phone on Flickr, but I just never got on with it.

Maybe I should have waited a little while longer an got an N80 instead, but the N80 has vanished from Orange’s current phone line up so there must be some issue with the phone. I heard horror stories about the N91 too.

So after having a Nokia 2140 on Orange back in 1995 and ditching that in favour of an Ericsson er500, 12 years later I’m doing it again and ditching the Nokia.

4 thoughts on “The end of N70

  1. n70 is basically used for gaming purpose 😉 but still imho n70 is the best. you should’ve upgraded it to version 3.5 because version 3.3 has lagg problem. fyi the n70 music edition has came out.

  2. Hi Koolinus,

    The N95 sounds interesting but it’s the calendar sync that I need and the Nokia’s do it poorly. I can’t change time zones, it’s just not good enough and I’g as far to say that they haven’t considered business users in designing the N series which is fine.


  3. So you got a Microsoft Windows Mobile device ?

    IMHO it’s the best integrated environment that grants full telephone features and excellent integration with e-mail client (Outlook) and server (Exchange).

  4. Hi Koolinus,

    Yes, a WM5 device.

    I’ve now used, symbian smart phones (used to have a PSion too), Palm OS smartphone (Treo 600 and various Palms) and the windows mobile platform.

    Happiest with the WM5 platform, I use mNotes to sync and it works really well.

    Yes I use exchange to push my private email to my SPV that works so well it’s untrue.

    What’s your current fav device then?


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