Within five years or so, the familiar land-line “telco” and even the mobile operator will disappear, in his view. Instead, broadband service providers will replace them, selling packages, bundles or channels of communications, information and entertainment.

Olivier Baujard, chief technology officer of AlcatelLucent, the telecommunications equipment giant says so. [via].

He’s not exacltly making bold futuristic claims is he. I think we all expect the telco landscape to look somewhat different to it us today. I don’t think we’ll see the likes of BT or AT&T vanish from the coporate world, but I do seem them morphing into new companies with a content and supply business. If I knew hoe to do votes, I’d set one up to see which telco’s we expect to see thrive and which will die.

Anyway..Happy Holidays to my readers..and talk in the new year!

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