Skype goes mobile, as a native service on 3 Mobiles

Free phone calls to Skype users. Free instant messaging to your buddies. Unlimited search and internet surfing. Your TV on the move. Your PC on your mobile. Your life where you go.

Skype, Orb, SlingMedia, MSN etc all for free..this looks like an unlimited data package but walled in with 3’s preferred suppliers. I guess it’s the first step towards what people want. We’ll just have to see what these X-Series rates are like, plus the news of a sale still hangs over 3 or is this an attempt to finally get out off the bottom slot of (Serious) mobile providers? [via]

It’s worth noting that these services will be over the 3G network not a higher bandwidth Wi-Fi network. So it’s interesting to see a 3g license holder being the first to lauch free Skype.

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