EasyMobile UK shuts down

Not really a shame but not great news for UK consumer choice. I recalled seeing Stelios about a year back at the Telco awards having a pop at all the telco’s in the room telling them he was coming to eat thier lunch. I guess it’s one of two things, A, it’s tough in the VMNO space or the Easy brand isn’t as hot as Stelios thinks. It’s probably a mixture of both. [via]

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2 thoughts on “EasyMobile UK shuts down

  1. I have been with Orange since it started and these days they are a big lary giant dreadful on customer service and scared of each others decisions, It seems almost always the case with them all these days bar Virgin. in short the MOs are big and unpleasant and in need of a much overdue kick up the posterior.

    I think there is room for another Operator – albeit likely a VMNO and have a few suggestions as to what will be on offer.

    1. VMNO would be linked to a voip provider with DUNDI
    2. All VoIP in and out covered by a low flat rental fee.
    3. Phones would be full PCN/GSM with access to same network calls at – no further charge.
    4. VMNO SIMs available for GSM/PCN Gateway use.
    5. Handsets will be entirely up to the user to choose and abuse – this will be a network only service.
    6. suggestions welcome !

  2. Orange has to hear what it’s customers think and work to fix the problems.

    As regards another MVNO, I’m not sure, let’s see how Blyk works out and I hear that the 3 and Skype phone is selling like hot cakes, so maybe are slowly getting VoIP outside of geekdom

    Thanks for the comments!!

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