An opportunity to change the Telco landscape?

This is the last question in the Telco 2.0 survey and the one I found most thought provoking.

 Imagine you had the opportunity to change the Telco landscape (get out the magic wand). What would you change and why?

I put down three areas that I think need focus.

1. Provide a Naked DSL service. Who needs an ISP these days? (James is right). Allow even cheaper broadband access to the consumer and drive further growth in this space and allow even more people/businesses to get online. Why do we have to have a BT line, with rental each time we have ADSL??

2.  Right off 3G debts and allow the Mobile operators to innovate with Wireless and GSM. We’re seeing mobile devices with Wi-Fi but we’re not seeing it being embraced by the Mobile operators. We haven’t seen a Skype mobile client for this reason and they are all affriad of being cut out of the loop. So right of the 3G debts and let Carriers innovate in this space.

And Finally, Provide blanket Wi-Fi coverage of all major cities at a reasonable speed. This would provide the biggest boost to business/innovation and the communities that is possible. The business growth would be huge I’m sure.

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