5 Million Skype Mobile downloads

Om has a post on the news that there has been 5 million Skype Mobile downloads. He’s right to point out that there’s a huge difference between download and actual usage. I wonder how many of those downloads were done by people thinking it’d work on thier bog standard mobile.

Anyway, I’ll still stick to my point that Skype mobile isn’t intergrated into the fabric of the phone and therefore will require choice, button presses, delays while networks connect before a call can be made. This means it’ll only be used by those desperate to save money.

Now if Truphone did a deal with Skype I think we’d be on to something huge.

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Video Conferencing… Its’ luke warm again

You have to look at video conferencing from two angles. The first is its ability to increase someone’s revenue through the sale of new kit and a requirement of extra bandwidth which will result in network upgrades and the sale of network hardware. Which is all fine and admirable, but the second angle is productivity and probably the reason that video conferencing will get branded as snake oil.

A couple of years back during an audit of our services to an account, we were struggling with meeting room space for impromptu interviews. As a last resort reception at the IBM office offered us the ‘video conference suite’. We tramped off to find this room; nobody knew where it was, so it took a little time to find it. We pushed the door open to an audible creek and ventured inside. It was like stumbling into someone’s unused attic, there was dust covering all the surfaces. There was a huge old tele and a sign on the wall behind declaring the IBM location, which had partially fallen off the wall.

Now this was after IBM had started its efficiency drive and attempted to cut the unnecessary travel for stupid meetings. So it was in a period when you’d imagine Video Conferencing to have experienced a new lease of life but it clearly wasn’t.

It’s the same old problem that video conferencing faces, people aren’t bothered about seeing the people that they are talking too and they don’t want to be seen themselves as they reply to email and chat on instant message back channels. I’m not alone in wanting to do two or even three things at once when on calls, replying to emails, using instant messaging, answering the mobile, doing two conf calls at once (this one takes practice!).

I did a video conference once during a wash up of a project. We just hit the mute button and smiled a lot while having our own conversation on some other subject. It was a crap experience and totally unproductive as I could only do the one thing, sit there or two if you count smiling.

You have to go to a special room to do it, you can only do one thing whilst your there, so this news gets a lukewarm reception from me. So if you’re selling this stuff, good luck and if you’re using this stuff bad luck, I’ll stick to conf calls and real meetings for the time being.

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Ten years ago, if you went to Europe..

I’m sorry but these sort of statements wind me up. It’s as if Europe was a technology backwater 10 years ago. 10 years ago, Europeans didn’t have to download email as we had SMS. We were busy texting each other! 10 years ago I used a service that turned my email into an SMS and sent it direct to my mobile…hey so we had blackberry style push email 10 years ago here in Europe.

I was only thinking today about how I worked in a virtual team spread right the way across the globe and don’t see barriers just one huge collaborative virtual office..so let’s all play nice in our connected world..and stop winding me up, please!

T-Mobile Tests Dual Wi-Fi and Cell Service

The informed money was allways on T-Mobile to be the first to launch this sort of service. It’s the only Mobile player with a mature wi-fi business. This new innovative product is a way to keep users on it’s networks, either GSM or Wi-Fi. I also don’t see it as a huge jump in technology or innovation really it’s more of a progression and a slow one at that. [via]

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Backbone Consolidation Continues – Level 3 buys Broadwing

Om has a great post on Level 3’s purchase of Broadwing. But in the post he states the following..

The way this consolidation is shaping up4, the market is going to be left with six majors: Verizon, AT&T, Level 3, Qwest, Global Crossing5 and XO Communications6. All these companies have national networks and NFL city footprints. (I am trying to think if I missed anyone with same network size and scope.)

I can only assume Om is talking about the US market place. Telefonica is larger than all of those execpt AT&T and he’s not included NTT, which until recently was the largest Telco by revenue. So in terms of world market it’s a different picture, AT&T only has 10% of it’s business outside of the US, Telefonica has 50% of it’s business outside it’s home country.

My personal view is AT&Tis the largest since it’s aquasition of SBC, then Telefonica, then Deutsche telecom (T-mobile), France Telecom (Orange), then Verizon, NTT, Vodafone and the list goes on.

Once Telefonica merges it’s mobile business it’ll eclipse AT&T again.

So besides, AT&T and Verizon in Om’s list none of the others are in the top 15 of the Global Players.

There is a world outside of the US you know Om.

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