Web2.0 ideas

Whiteboard 2

social surfing & snail trail.

Snail trail – a app that logs all the sites you visit and time, moves your site history to the web. so it’s not on just one computer but lots..so it’s for history what delicious is for bookmarks.

Social surfing – this is instant messaging for surfing. you use netmeeting tight software to allow you to see what your freinds are surfing to and writing/doing. so you log into a site and see which friends are on and you can see what they are doing…allows you to share youtube videos together etc.

too late

and here too

As you can see from the text above, a friend and I had been discussing Web2.0 ideas that we hadn’t seen and that we would expect to see as the web2.0 world expands. I thought that the social surfing idea was a good one and one that would have legs as they say, but today’s post on GigaOm indicates that there’s already one similar application on it’s way and that there already is swarm in the wild from a comment.

I just wanted to throw the other idea ‘snail trail’ out there and see if there already is such an app. If not happy to take someones venture funding to turn it into a business 😉

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