TalkPlus – two reviews – two different pictures.

TalkPlus announced today that they received $5.5m in funding and there was tow reviews; Om’s and MobileCrunch’s.

Here’s a snapshot of Om’she gave us a demo of the service, which is essentially a “virtual number” on your mobile phone.

Here’s a snapshot of MobileCrunch’sTalkPlus, which refers to their advanced suite of telephony services for mobile devices as Voice 2.0 brings VoIP call management tools to mobile phones. customize the behavior [sic] of the phone on a per-caller basis, Using the call management functionality that is accessed online you can also control voice messaging providing a different outbound message for each number as well as controlling quite specifically options for reviewing messages.

Om’s post missing the point, it’s not essentially a virtual number that does such a injustice of the TalkPlus product it’s untrue. Om’s post hints that it’s more than that by linking to GrandCentral etc. But when I first read the post I thought five million bucks for a second number what is the world coming too!

GSM allows you two have line two on your mobile and you can control that as you please. Orange has this feature and has had it for years. But it’s the other management information that’s the key to this service, the added functionality and control. You could use SkypeIn for another number and divert it to your mobile if you needed a quick number that you could ditch later.

If I was TalkPlus I’d be linking to the MobileCrunch write up and I’d leave the ill informing Om piece alone.

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2 thoughts on “TalkPlus – two reviews – two different pictures.

  1. Rob,

    Thanks for the kind words and vote of approval. I don’t think that there was anything wrong with Om’s post it simply seems to me that he gave a more terse description of the features than I. Of course he may not have been privy to the very exciting demo that the company conducted at DEMO Fall or perhaps because Om is focused more specifically on VoIP than I his bar is set a bit differently.

    In any case, thanks again for making me feel good about the post. I view Om as one of the seminal authorities in the space and any day that a reader feels I did a job even comparable to his is a good day in my book.



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