NextGen TV and BlinkX

I recevied an invite this morning for NextGen TV 2006, 20-22 November, The Royal Garden Hotel, London, via IBM’s post at home service. One of the “big players” listed is Suranga Chandratillake.

Suranga will discuss how personalised media is changing consumer demands..

I was a little surprised to be then reading Scobleizer to see that he has a pop at Blinkx and suggests a couple of reasons as to why Blinkx wasn’t the site that Google bought for a billion dollars. The leason here is if somebody can’t say your site’s name after a few beers you’re not going to be the next dot com millionaire.

I’m not sure which came first Blinkx or Flickr but one name works and the other doesn’t ( and that too was bought for a huge chunk of cash)

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