T-Mobile allows VoIP and IM through it’s gateways

Back in May, we heard that overseas T-Mobile customers were not allowed to use VoIP or IM on their 3G phones. In a not-so-stunning reversal, the company will be allowing usage of both services on the network, starting as early as this week.

JK on the run has this post on T-Mobile’s back track and enabling of the VoIP and IM ports on thier gateways.

These companies are only going to be able to “protect” revenues for additional services for so long; they might be better off embracing the change early and opening things up a bit.

Nice thought “enbracing the change early”, but they are still paying the interest on those loans they used to buy those 3g licences, so it’s unlikely. But this is good news for those early adopters and technology savvy people out there using this application

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