Why is there no Skype Mobile?

Om has a post on why there isn’t a Skype mobile client yet. The answer is because the telco’s are doing their hardest to prevent it. There’s no point in doing Skype over GPRS or 3G it just doesn’t work or pay. So WiFi is the answer, but again, how many wi’-fi phones are they? There’s a few now and the number is growing, but take the Nokia N80 it’s got WiFi but on Orange the options to use WiFi is hidden away making it difficult to use. Take the HTC phones, how come those with WiFi are all slightly underpowered?

I don’t think any telco that has invested in a 3G licence will be saying to any handset maker..”yes..I’d love to have a super fast Wi-Fi enabled phone on my network so that my clients can disintermediate us by using Skype”..I don’t think so.

But those phones that do have a powerfull enough processor and WiFi, the TyTn for example, it’s still not an intergrated approach. If you want make a call you’ve got to open up skype, log on to WiFi etc. Truephone and Jajah look a little more intergrated but still too cludgy for mass adoption.

So unless Telco’s with 3G licences bite the bullet and go for it with Wi-Fi enabled phones (and maybe their own revenue sharing agreements with Skype) we’re not going to see a Skype Mobile client that’s usefull for a long time. [via]

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