A new kind of advertising

Gabe Rivera has created a new kind of advertising for TechMeme, which he explains here and here.

Gabe has worked absolute magic here. This is such a brilliant idea, all due respect to Gabe but I’m surprised one of the big players didn’t come up with this idea first. So hat’s off to Gabe..nice work. [via]
I emailed Techmeme a few days back and surprised to get an email from Gabe himself..nice guy.

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The Financial Case for SF WiFi

While Mountain View residents have been living under Google’s city-wide wireless for more than a month now, San Francisco is the next (if it happens) city that will go wireless via Google. In partnership with Earthlink, the duo plan to unwire SF with a free slow service and a faster fee-based plan. But the team has been facing a series of obstacles and opposition since it was chosen by the city earlier this year.

GigaOm has a post on the financial benefit for free city wide WiFi, total benefit of the network over 10 years is $22.9m. That’s not a huge some of money and I’d guess it doesn’t take into account the businesses that would be setup to take advatage of it or the cost savings achieved by other businesses using it too. So free city wide WiFi has got to be good.

I wish Chester would do something and I’d even be willing to throw in some of my spare time to consult and help out. I’m sure there would be huge benefit here too. Just thinking of all those tourists that turn up being able to use wi-fi enabled devices to tour the city and interact with the history of the place. [via]

Rob Evans fight video ?????

Checking out my stats this morning and this jumped out at me, somebody searching goolgle I pressume with the phrase “Rob Evans fight video” found my site..yikes.

I hope they don’t know something I don’t and I’m about to appear is a happy slapping video caused by the dodgy content I write here.

Anyway..If it’s you searching for fight videos..you won’t find any here!