IBM is out to destroy patent rights

..frankly, that’s total rubbish.

Jim Moore suggests IBM pirates and infringes of patents at will.

Not sure if my argument will be a lucid as Dr Moore’s being an IBM serf, (or should I be a Dr IBM Serf), but holding a patent within IBM is celebrated. There’s not a culture of stealing or pirating patents within IBM. Everyone I know is ever so carefully on all licensing and patent issues to my knowledge.

IBM may not be at the forefront of Web2.0, but neither is Sun, EDS or HP (too busy firing people for spying) but IBM has always been a huge innovator and still is.

My view on Web2.0 is that it’s a bit like Opensource (linux excluded), fine for small business and consumers but it’s unlikely to be used on billion dollar contracts. IBM plays in the billion dollar contracts space, not the consumer space. So I don’t think the little guy has anything to fear in the web2.0 world from IBM.

Jim needs to check out Google’s recent history e.g bringing out a Calendar and squashing (not killing) all the calendar apps or Microsoft with Vista’s security programs and the impacts on Symantec et al.

I don’t think Jim can take IBM at face value, so I’m not sure if Jim just headed off on his own big business conspiracy theory monologue.

UPDATE: Charles agrees “First, Jim never clearly articulates what this supposed conspiracy is


Feld Thoughts takes a slightly more cautious view point but doesn’t totaly agree with Jim. “However, I also don’t agree with Jim’s viewpoint that the patent system protects “the little guy” against “the big guy” and the reason folks like IBM want change is to gain an advantage over the little guy.

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