The End of Telecom; The Emergence of Utilicom

…a mobile company just gave away the income stream of every fixed-line incumbent Telco on the planet earth for $9 and simultaneously created new mindshare in the market that the essence of value has shifted from one domain to another. This “Value apocalypse” will be the primary premise by which your Utility company will utilize to establish itself as your primary energy and communications company.

Telecom’s Tsunami has a huge post on the rise of Utilicom [via].

A mobile operator doing this to a fixed-line operator is a beta test, when your local utility company does this to every Telco in your district, this is just another line on your utility bill!

My personal view is that is a huge leap. The utility companies may own a local infrastructure but it doesn’t own the international piece. Also Orange the Mobile operator bought Wannado and has re-branded it. So Orange isn’t strictly a mobile operator. In fact Orange Business Services now covers, Orange Mobile, Wannado and also Equant. So that’s a fair spread of services being offered under the Orange brand.

But Orange has given something away for free, but there’s a catch you’ve got to up your Orange mobile spend. So they are not giving it away for free, they have just moved the charge from your ADSL invoice to your mobile invoice So subtle invoice trickery and it appears you’ve giving away somebody else’s business for free.

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