Tiscali and AOL units targeted in broadband shake-up

THE winners and losers in the shake-up of the broadband market were becoming clear last night as bidders began circling Tiscali’s UK division and BSkyB and Carphone Warehouse went head-to-head in the bidding for AOL’s UK arm.

Wow AOL have really screwed up in the UK if they’ve put the business up for sale. It must have been about a year back we spent some time talking with AOL and helping them with the unbundling nightmare of LLU. We put forward a solution for them, worked out a price that would but them right at the front of the market. A billing and ordering solution on a grand scale and enought bandwidth to trouble BT’s 21CN. But they walked away.

They must have seen the writing on the cards back then and decided to pull the plug rather than throw more money down the drain. The out laws have AOL and it’s awfull, it keeps falling over and the service is shocking so it’s no real surprise.

But if CPW picks it up then it’ll be out of the pan and into the fire for most consumers as the service provided by CPW under the Talk Talk brand is rumoured to be shocking too.

I’m still happy with my BT and Orange ADSL services right now thank you. [via]

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