BBC programmes via bittorrent?

As we’re decorating our lounge my PVR isn’t connected to anything, it’s offline, and as a result I missed last nights and Sunday’s episodes of spooks. So I’ve gone and found them as torrents and set my PC off downloading them.

The question I have is, is this piracy?

I pay a license fee, so in theory have the right to watch any output from the BBC. My PVR would record a copy of the programme too, so having a digital copy of the programme is no different. The only difference is, I didn’t record it, somebody else did.

The BBC is also into Podcasting, and maybe they’ll soon move into podcasting as a video distrubution model. But I’m sure torrent is a much more bandwidth sensitive technology. So maybe grabbing BBC programmes off bittorrent is legal and just one step ahead of the beeb.

I’m not going to burn it to DVD and sell it, it’s purely for my own viewing, so I’m sure it’s legal. Anyway if you think different then let me know.

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