WayMarkr makes life caching practical (but costly)

I spotted this on the Guardian blog and thought it sounded interesting. I’ve currently got Lifeblog but I’m starting to struggle with how much lifeblog actual stores. Do I realy need to read old text messages for example, most of which seem to say fancy a pint?

Anyway, this WayMarkr sounds great if, and it’s a big if, you’ve got a flat rate data plan. There’s no way I’d even install this in the UK as no one has flat rates here. OK T-Mobile has a flat rate, but that’s capped to 2gb and I’m sure a few days wondering around with this on and you’ll soon swallow all that allowance.

So great idea, but no market in the UK unless you’ve got bags of cash.

What would be better was if it had a setting that saved the pic to the memory card and it let you know how long it could record based upon how much memory you had, 1gb = 1 day for example. You could then upload the pics when you got back to your uncapped broadband.

I’m started to think that these startups, WayMarker and Zyb amongst others are off shoots of the Telco’s. There’s very little scope to monitize WayMarkr yet the telco stands a chance of getting some big data bills in from people not realising the true cost. It’s easily done, I’ve had a mobile bill for over £500 for a little bit of GPRS usage.

So WayMarker needs to work a little harder and I think it’ll enlarge it’s potential market.

Whilst we’re having a pop, the logo isn’t very web2.0 is it either, the only bonus point is that is says the trendy word beta.

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