Flickr uploader for N70

Darla Mack has a post on the Flickr uploader for the Nseries. But she doesn’t have a link to the tool (!) I had to go to to get the link to the Nokia Uploader

The Flickr page doesn’t mention the N70 but it still works. You have to use the N72 to start with and then jump to the N72 page on and download the Online Share Software. Follow the link from the top left of the N72 page on to phone software and then the link to sharing.

Download and then install. You should then find on the N70 that there still isn’t a “open online services” option, but under the “send” option there is an “upload to web” option. Click that and you’ll get the Flickr Account set up page.

If that doesn’t work, install the Flickr xml script, as per the FAQ just drag it across to your phone and open if from file manager.

It all works, it send the picture up to Flickr fine, Flickr then shows that the Camera used is a Nokia N70-1.
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More Lies From Vonage?

Vonage is going down the tubes it’s fair to say. But what does this say for the VoIP market place is it that people that know what VoIP is and would buy Vonage do a little more research and find Skype maybe?

But calling them liars may be a little strong.
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We’re in the process of switching to Ubuntu at home right now. The install was pretty straight forward and I was soon into the Vi terminal editing of install scripts to get Skype working. Not sure whether we’ll manage a total move over, but if we use it for 90% of the time than great.

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