Vodafone will try to acquire BT

It’s with these thoughts in mind and the changing competitive lanscape that I am going to predict here that BT and Vodafone will look to either merge or Vodafone will try to acquire BT in 2007 in order to create a new super Telecom. Maybe the new merged BT and Vodafone company could simply be called Bone

I wouldn’t rule this out but wow that’d be a big play in the UK space, but not much else. It would only address quad play in the UK based on BT’s incumbent position, vodafone needs to do more than that, Orange would still cover more homes with it’s broadband reach across France and the UK. The other bit that was missed is BT’s Global Services arm is now a big part of what BT does, Voda wouldn’t want to get involved in that.

So the only real play would be for Voda to buy BT and split it, spitting out the bit’s it doesn’t need or want. I still think a Private Equity company may get to BT first. [via]
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