Bebo Shuns $550 Million Acquisition Offer

San Francisco based social network Bebo, which recently raised $15 million from Benchmark Capital, rejected a £300 million ($552 million) acquisition offer from British Telecom Group “a few weeks ago”, according to an insider on the transaction [via]

Just picked this up via Techmeme, had seen this coming, but it follows on from Murdochs purchase of MySpace. So I guess BT don’t want to be left behind by News Corp as they move into the content game. I was listend to the DSC a few days back too and heard that Mr Curry and Podshow has also been talking to BT, which makes it a pretty clear strategy that BT is trying to build a credible online content armoury to move away from it’s reliance on the inteligent network for revenue.

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Nokia N70 misses the mark again

I’m off to Chicago next week, so I checked the flight times my assistant put in my calendar, so I flipped the city to chicago and checked the calendar and nothing, it was still showing UK times.

I just googled the problem and it looks like the calendar app doens’t flip the times over which is poor. So I’m going to use my SPV C600 phone for the trip.
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I’ve had the N70 back in my hands now since Tuesday and initial impressions are poor. The battery life is astonishingly bad, only one day out of a charge, it’s like going back to my first phone which had an 8 hour battery life.

I intend to write a longer review soon, but the only plus point is lifeblog (once it’s downloaded, but that’s not even on the phone itself!!).

Initial impressions are very poor and I can say that with some qualification having been a mobile dealer in the past and having had various mobile phones over the past 14 years.

It hasn’t been an instant hit like the SPV C600, but will it grow on me, only time will tell.
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